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My Disability Roadmap – Watch Now!

My Disability Road Map

Streaming WORLDWIDE in The New York Times with captions and audio descriptions available. No subscription is needed to watch!

In the short documentary, Samuel seeks out guidance from America’s most rebellious disability activists. He wants to learn how they built full adult lives — as a road map for himself and others. “No one tells you how to be an adult, let alone an adult with a disability,” he says. “But there are badass people with disabilities who figured it out. Maybe they could be my mentors.”

I’m a College Student
with a Disability. Stop Treating
Me Like a Child.

The path into adulthood is a precarious one for those
with a disability. So Samuel Habib, 21, seeks out
guidance from America’s most rebellious disability activists.

Original source New York Times

Direct Support Professionals and the COVID-19 Vaccine

This 11-minute video is about vaccine safety and the reasons why it is important for direct support professionals to get vaccinated.
The video includes:

• The reasons why people with intellectual developmental disabilities are more vulnerable medically and have increased chances of getting a serious illness if they get COVID-19
• How the vaccine was developed quickly, compared to other vaccines
• How the vaccine works in the body, including what to expect when you get vaccinated
• How the virus can be passed to vulnerable people
• Reasons to get vaccinated even if you have already had COVID-19 • Long COVID-19, and how it affects the body
• How COVID-19 can affect pregnancy Produced by the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota.

New Documentary – This is Not About Me

This is Not About Me

Autistic and non-speaking. Stuck in an educational system that has given up on you. Restrained or rewarded with candy. This is Jordyn Zimmerman’s story and it is shared by so many other students. Watch the story of one autistic woman that fought hard to be recognized and trusted. Share the trailer to bring awareness and change the lives of countless others fighting that same system today.

The film is now available for rental for $9.99 All proceeds from the film will go to the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN), CommunicationFIRST, and Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism to support them in their missions. 57 minutes. 30-day rental period.

Watch this powerful movie: This Is Not About Me.