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When a Professional Says…

By Colleen F. Tomko (2000)  What do parents really hear? What can professionals do to bridge the communication gap?

Pain in the Assessment

By Colleen F. Tomko. A different look at assessments, and their use. A must-read for anyone doing standardized testing.

Life Skills Don’t Bring Happiness

By Colleen Tomko. Teaching isolated skills versus striving for “quality of life” goals.

A Parent’s Perspective of the Needs of a Child with a Disability

By Colleen F. Tomko.  Accepting children for who they are, and the importance of meeting all needs.

Thoughts on Therapy

By Colleen F. Tomko A look at how, where, when, and what skills are taught to children with disabilities.

Beyond Programs: A Parable

By Michael McCarthy. The history of providing services and supports, and insight from the perspective of an individual with a disability.

Parents & Professionals

By Tammy Sutton. The roles of professionals in the lives of children with disabilities and their families.

Building a Life-Long Vision:
Where do Professionals Fit in?

By Colleen F. Tomko Providing services based on the child’s and family’s vision for the future.

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