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Welcome to our award winning website!
Designed for YOU! Parents, professionals, advocates and self-advocates
Your suggestions, comments, corrections and feedback are needed to
make this all-volunteer website a more valuable resource for everyone!

Our Mission
"To promote inclusive communities where all people belong"

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All children with disabilities are to be educated to
the "maximum extent" with children who do not have disabilities.

~ Federal Law I.D.E.A. Sec. 612.5 (A) ~

"Inclusion is a right, not a special privilege for a select few".
~ Federal Court - Oberti v. Board of Education ~

"Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal"
~ Supreme Court - Brown v. Board of Education ~

Schools who let one criterion, such as a specific disability, automatically
determine the placement are likely to be held in violation of federal law.

~ Supreme Court - Board of Education v. Rowley ~

Pennsylvania proposes cuts for people with developmental disabilities 
18,000 already on waiting LISTS with NO funding and no protective services!
700 additional leaving schools EACH year with NO services!


Kids Together Inclusion Listserv!

Discussions dedicated to sharing and discovering solutions for educating children with disabilities in general education classes. How to use technology, adaptations and modifications to make general education classrooms accessible to all children. Nationwide participation!

What Rights Kids Have- copyrighted 1998 logo

Rights to Reg Ed
I.D.E.A. '04 (Full Bill)

IDEA '04 Regs (New)

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Inclusive Schools Week
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Partners in Policymaking - Free on-line Trainings
5 online courses: self-determination, family support, community living, assistive technology; history of treatment of people with disabilities; right to a free appropriate public education; legislative process; supporting meaningful jobs and planning careers.

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