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Inclusion Links
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Inclusion Links

Inclusion Press Home Page
Resources about full inclusion in school, work, and community
** Recommended Reading**

Yours, Mine and Ours - Inclusion site
Providing support, resources, and the confidence to successfully include children with special needs in your classroom. We're a group of teachers, just like you, who truly believe in inclusion, and are facing the daily challenges of creating successful inclusion experiences! Committed to quality education for all. ** Recommended Reading**

Bulletin Board Pages - Penn Link/Teacher pages
On the PA Department of Ed Website, Use the search engine on left
(Type in the word "inclusion", over a hundred articles come up)

ECRI- Early Childhood Research Institute on Inclusion
Preschoolers with and without disabilities learning together On-line research center devoted to educators, researchers and families of young children with disabilities.

Family Village Inclusive Education Resources.
Summary: Resources, contacts, chat groups, on-line articles, laws, newsletters, recommended readings, conferences, research, web sites and other resources.

Child and Family Studies Program - CFSP
Related Services Supporting Inclusion:
Congruence of Best Practices in Special Education and School Reform

Kathie Nunley's
This site was originally designed for the forgotten secondary education teachers. However, don't let that title fool you. The ideas and curriculum designs are certainly successful in a K-12 environment. The site includes ideas and suggestions for including all types of learners in the classroom. Specific lesson plans are available for a differentiated curriculum in high school Biology. ** Recommended Reading**

The Renaissance Group, a consortium of universities
By answering some of the most frequently asked questions on inclusion, you'll get some basic guidelines for teaching in an inclusive classroom. Resources for learning more about inclusive education are also included.

ERIC, The Educational Resources Information Center
(Article) Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms.
ERIC Digest #E521.

A Teacher's Guide to the U.S. Department of Education - Fall 1995 Special Education Programs - Including Exceptions Systems: A System for Educating Students with Dual Sensory Impairments and Other Extreme Disabilities in General Education Settings

Axis Disability Rights Website
(Article) Hell-Bent on Helping: Benevolence, Friendship, and the Politics of Help. By Emma Van der Klift & Norman Kunc

Axis Disability Rights Website
(Article) The Need to Belong: Rediscovering Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
by: Norman Kunc ** Recommended Reading**

Web link to: (Article) Axis Disability Rights Website
Integration: Being Realistic Isn't Realistic by: Norman Kunc
** Recommended Reading**

National Association for the Education of Young Children, (NAEYC) Information on the benefits of inclusion and making it work.

Comforty Media Concepts
The Inclusion series - Video Programs on Inclusive Education and Community Life

Utah's Project for Inclusion:
Promoting Quality Inclusive Education for All

Florida Inclusion Network
Teacher information, discussion groups, and resources on inclusive education

The Consortium on Inclusive Schooling Practices
a collaborative effort to build the capacity of state and local education agencies to serve children and youth with and without disabilities in school and community settings. The focus of the project is on systematic reform rather than changes in special education systems only.

Inclusion - School as a caring community
Teachers seeking success with inclusion will find help and inspiration here.
** Recommended Reading**

Inclusive Education Web Site
The What's and How-To's of Inclusive Education
produced by the Renaissance Group, a consortium of universities noted for their teacher education programs and working to reform teacher education.

Closing the Gap
A case study by Seth B. Harkins and Laura Drower.  "Full-inclusion as a lived experience: A case study of a transdisciplinary team." A story of a transdisciplinary team providing for a child challenged with severe speech and physical impairments in a regular first grade classroom.

University of Kansas - Circle of Inclusion
Outreach Training Project is designed to address the challenges and issues of inclusive program development for children with severe, multiple disabilities. The project goals of training, technical assistance, evaluation, dissemination, and management place a special emphasis on the development of collaborative programs between community early childhood programs, local education agencies, and special education services.

A Place for Amber:
Sesame Workshop - What happens when children with disabilities attend regular classes? For young Amber Miller, it has been an educational miracle. Part One of a Two-Part Series. The New Kid in Class: She's disabled. She may look and act different. How will her presence affect your child's education? Part Two of a Two-Part Series by Dianne Hales 1996 

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System A national technical assistance effort that supports programs for young children with disabilities and their families under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Connecting people and knowledge. Information on inclusive services for young children with disabilities -- including current information on legislation and policies, research, effective practices, funding, systems change efforts, and personnel development


Links to Inclusive Public Schools


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