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Agencies & Orgs

Agencies and Organizations

COPAA Council of Parents Attorneys and Advocacy Systems

CPAS Center for Personal Assistance Services

Federation for Children with special Needs (FCSN)

Working with Companies, Government, and Non-profits to employ people with disabilities.
The goal of JobAccess is to enable people with disabilities to enhance their professional lives by providing a dedicated system for finding employment.

NAPAS- National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems

NCD Seal NCD - The National Council on Disability
An independent federal agency making recommendations to the President and Congress on issues affecting 54 million Americans with disabilities. This site contains bulletin updates, newsletter, documents and links to other federal agencies. Visit the Youth/Family Information page devoted to empowering youth with disabilities and their parents at for information on rights, resources for families, and updates on conferences.

NECTAS - National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System
A national technical assistance effort that supports programs for young children with disabilities and their families under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Connecting people and knowledge.
Information on inclusive services for young children with disabilities -- including current information on legislation and policies, research, effective practices, funding, systems change efforts, and personnel development -- is available at

NICHCY -National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities

Partners in Policymaking
Partners in Policymaking was created in Minnesota by the Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities in 1987. Partners is an innovative, competency based leadership training program for adults with disabilities and parents of young children with developmental disabilities.

SPED*NET Special Education Network of New Canaan, Ltd.
Information and links

Wrightslaw The Special Ed Advocate Wrightslaw web site
Articles, cases, newsletters, and other essential information about special education law and advocacy.  An essential reference base for parents, attorneys, educators, and advocates.


In Pennsylvania

  •  ARC of Pennsylvania 717-234-2621

  •  CDLP -  Center for Disability Law and Policy 
    Advocacy & legal representation in PA for individuals with disabilities.
    In Eastern Pennsylvania Client assistance Program 1617 JFK Boulevard, Suite 800 Philadelphia, PA. 19103 Voice/TDD (215) 557-7112 Toll Free (888) 745-CDLP Fax (215) 557-7602
    In Western Pennsylvania Client assistance Program 211 Whitfield Street, Suite 215 Pittsburgh, PA. 15206 Voice/TDD (412) 363-7223 Toll Free (888) 748-CDLP Fax (412) 363-5913

  •  Disability Law Project
    801 Arch Street, Suite 610, Philadelphia, PA 19107, (215) 238-8070 (TTY) (215) 238-6069 (Fax) (215) 625- 9589  Free legal assistance for children and adults with developmental disabilities. serious mental health needs, and discrimination in access to services. DLP's main purpose is to advocate for the civil rights of persons with mental and physical disabilities, especially their right to live as integral parts of their communities.

  •  DRN Disabilities Right Network
    1414 N. Cameron St., Suite C, Harrisburg, PA 17103 (800) 692-7443
    Protects the rights of people with developmental delays. A statewide advocacy and information organization for people with disabilities.

  •  Education Law Center
    801 Arch St., Suite 610 Phila., PA 19107 (215) 238-6970
    Information about the public school system in Pennsylvania. ELC analyzes important state and national proposals in education
  •  The Institute on Disabilities/UAP
    Temple University Room 423 Ritter Annex, 1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19122  Tel. (215) 204-1356 (voice/TTY) Fax (215) 204-6336
    The Institute on Disabilities/UAP supports people with disabilities in their pursuit of interdependence, contribution, and inclusion through training, technical assistance, services and supports, research, dissemination, and advocacy. Changing systems, so that Pennsylvanians with developmental and other disabilities can live, work, learn and play in the communities of their choice.
  •  ICC - Interagency Coordinating Council - Contact your local Intermediate Unit
  •  Liberty Resources, Inc.
    Philadelphia Office:1341 N. Delaware Avenue, Suite 105, Philadelphia, PA 19125-4314 (voice) (215) 634-2000 (215) 634-6630 (tty) (fax) (215) 634-6628 (toll free) (888) 634-2155
    Allentown Office:845 Wyoming Street Allentown, PA 18103-3991 (voice) (610) 432-3880 (tty) (610) 432-3880 (fax) (610) 432-3824 (toll free) (888) 879-1444
    A consumer driven organization that advocates and promotes independent living for persons with disabilities. Info on advocacy, managed care, MiCASSA, housing, publications, calendar, in the news, job bank,
  •  ODR Office of Dispute Resolution
    Coordinates and manages the Pennsylvania Department of Educationís special education. Resources for parents and educational agencies to resolve disputes concerning the identification, evaluation, educational placement, or the provision of a free appropriate public education for students with disabilities, students who are gifted and children with disabilities served by the early intervention system.
    Due Process system and Appeals Panel decisions
  •  PEN Parent Education Network
    333 E. 7th Ave. York, PA 17404 (800) 522-5827 (TDD same)
    Statewide Parent Training and Information Center Information, referral, and advocacy service, Parent guides and workshops. Provides technical assistance, consultation and referral for assistance about special education.
  •   Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania Parent to Parent
    A network to connect families in similar situations


  •  Parents Exchange information, referral, and advocacy service
  •   PaTTAN  Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network 
    The mission is to support the efforts of the Bureau of Special Education and its initiatives and to build the capacity of local educational agencies to provide appropriate services to students who receive special education
    services. Topics Listed are: Upcoming Events; Information Bulletin; Office for Dispute Resolution; SEEP (PA Special Education Advisory Panel); Assistive Technology; Autism; Behavior; Interagency/Cordero; Corrections Education; Distance Learning; Early Intervention; FAPE in LRE; IDEA; Large Print/Braille; Leadership; PASA; Reading; Sensory Impairment; Short Term Loan; Speech and Language; State Improvement Plan; Secondary Transition; Traumatic Brain Injury; Partners; Publications

  •  PIN Parents Involved Network
    1211 Chestnut St 11th floor, Phila., PA 19107 (800) 688-4226
    Information, referral, support and advocacy service. Technical assistance center for parents of children with emotional and behavioral needs.
  •  Parents Union for Public Schools Network
    311 S. Juniper Street, Room 200, Phila., PA 19107 (215) 546-1166
    Advocacy and information about education in Philadelphia Public Schools and special education.
  •  PEAL Parent Education  & Advocacy Leadership Center
    1119 Penn Avenue, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    Serves Western and Central Pennsylvania. Provides information on children and youth with disabilities and training and information for parents and friends of children with disabilities, educators, health care and community service providers, and advocates.
  •  PennTech
    (800) 360-7282. A program of the PA Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education a resource for technical assistance, consultation, acquisition of devices for short-term and long-term use, and training.
  •  (PFCEC) Pennsylvania Federation Council for Exceptional Children
  •  Pennsylvania Health Law Project
    801 Arch St. Suite 610 A Phila., PA 19107 (800) 274-3258
    Information on health insurance issues, Medical Assistance, advocates for consumer-directed health services for people with disabilities.
  •  PIAT Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology
    A statewide, cross-age and cross-disability program under the Technology-related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act. Priority activities include the development, implementation, and monitoring of laws, policies, practices, and organizational structures to improve access to assistive technology for all Pennsylvanians with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians.
    Devices and Services - Voice (800) 204-PIAT (7428)   TTY (800) 750 PIAT (7428)
  •  PPCRN Pennsylvania Parents and Caregivers Resource Network
    Information, resource links and phone numbers, for parents and parent groups of children and adults with developmental disabilities. "Quick Ideas" information pages for helping parents form and maintain groups can be downloaded for immediate use. 1-888-5-PARENT (572-7368) or 717-561-0098 Fax: 717-561-0945 PPCRN also provides Workshops and Mini Money Grants"
  •  Pennsylvania School Reform Network
    317 N. Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101Phone: 717-238-7171 Fax: 717-238-7552 Working to restore Pennsylvania's promise of an excellent education for each and every child. We work with state policy makers and local homemakers, with the teachers and the taught, with the professionals and professors - with all who are willing to roll up their sleeves and improve our public schools.
  •  Pennsylvania Speech, Language, and Hearing Association

  •  The Right to Education Office (REO)
    6340 Flank Drive, Suite 600, Harrisburg, PA 17112. PA Only 1-800-222-3353, Fax 717-657-5983 Responsible for the coordination and management of the Pennsylvania Department of Educationís special education due process system and appeals system. Due Process Hearings are used to resolve disputes between parents and the school district. News, fact sheets, hearing officers, FAQ's, resources, hearing request forms and appeal decisions available on-line. You may also contact REO to reserve the newly revised Hearing Officer Handbook.
  •  Right to Education Task Force
  •  Speaking for Ourselves
    1 Plymouth Meeting, Suite 430 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 (610) 825-4592
    Advocacy and self-help groups for adults with disabilities
  •  Special Needs Alliance of Parents
    201 2nd St. Pennsburg, PA 18073
    information, referral, and advocacy service for children birth to 21


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